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450 SVM, 452 SVM, 453 SVM, 454 SVM

Vertical Balancing Machines

  • Fully automatic function sequence
  • Manual and automatic loading and unloading
  • Integration with production line
  • Fully automatic unbalance correction by milling
  • Correction control by NC axes
  • Digital measurement data processing
  • No hydraulic
  • NC controlled power chuck for clamping the brake discs during correction

Range of application

Measurement and milling correction of unbalance in disc-shaped rotors without their own shaft - such as brake discs, brake drums and flywheels in one plane. Flexible application in series production with simple change over of the machine to other rotor types by manually or fully-automatically changing workpiece adapter parts. Rotors can be fed to the machine in type batches or in random sequence.

Unbalance correction through polar, radial plunge-milling. In case of larger unbalances, the rotors are turned, increasing the amount of material removed.


Fully automatic machines with high-performance milling unit, horizontal feed axis, automatic height adjustment as option, rotary table and NC controlled power chuck for absorbing the milling forces during correction.

Multiple-station execution with integrated transport device.

Freely programmable control with fault diagnosis with PROTOOL and Pro-Agent. Clamping of the rotor by precision adapter with pneumatic unclamping mechanism.

Unbalance evaluation, correction calculation and control with an industrial PC based measuring unit.

Transport is controlled by two servo axes - one for the lifting movement, the other for the rotation. This ensures highest positioning accuracy.

Manual or automatic loading and unloading of the machine.

Special features

CAB 950 PC-based measuring instrument with TFT touchscreen and digital signal processing for efficient suppression of noise signals and highest measuring accuracy.

Features: Digital correction control, improved operator prompting and largely automatic setup. Software modules for rotor-dependent calculation and control of the most common, optimized correction methods (polar and in components). Large memory for rotor type data for fast setup of measuring instrument. Machine operation integrated with CAB 950.

Diagnostic programs and fault display by means of PROTOOL/Pro-Agent. Statistics software for checking the quality of production. External interface for data communication and printout. Display in all languages of the European Union; other languages available upon request.
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План установки
Balancing machine 450 SVM Plan view (non-binding example) Balancing machine 454 SVM Plan view (non-binding example) 1 Measuring and milling station2 Measuring station3 Milling station5 Transport6 Switch cabinet7 Measuring device8 Feed, outlet "IO parts" (optional)9 Control station10 Swarf extractor (optional)
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